June 9, 2021

Author and Pixabay with Permission

Everyone wants to retire comfortably and live a great retirement, right?

I was reflecting recently one of my most popular articles, “5 Steps Showed I Could Retire Comfortably.”

I talked about my own results and the powerful results my friend Gail got. After doing the work she said, “You helped me turn fear and confusion into confidence and a workable plan.”

I laid out the five steps and valuable tips.

Since then, I worked closely with some others and they gotten their own great results.

“We don’t have enough money and don’t know what to do!”

For example, when I worked with Gail and Curt, they felt trapped. They’d poured everything into a business that had been successful for 20 years. They’d planned to sell it and live a great retirement, but the market had shifted under their feet and all they could do was just close the doors.

By their estimation they were 6 months from bankruptcy. It was extremely stressful. The future looked bleak and, in Gisele’s words, they were feeling a fear and a panic like they haven’t felt in years. In addition they had different perspectives on financial management with chaos and disagreements.

I provided another set of ears and a framework to help them navigate through this contentious topic and bring them back to ground zero. We worked closely together to assess the reality of their situation and then to systematically look at options to make things work.

They found some big strategies that will make a difference. And now they have a framework to help them stay aligned and on common ground. They say they’re in a new partnership and have a manageable set of circumstances, with peace of mind and an action plan. And they can keep tweaking things as life goes on.

5 Steps Made It Happen

As I’ve been working closely with others, I’ve continued to refine and update those five steps. Here they are in their updated form:

  1. Retirement Financials Snapshot. It’s most powerful to begin by understanding exactly where you are right now with your retirement finances. This is the essential first step to creating a better strategy to retire comfortably.
  2. Better Shared Agreement. Be heard by another experienced set of ears. Work closely with someone who can help you through different perspectives and contentious topics to create a new partnership.
  3. Lifetime Cash Fitness. The Lifetime Cash Fitness framework gives structure to your ideas and lets you see how your options play out in the future.  Then alignment happens of its own accord.
  4. Compare Better Solutions. Use your entrepreneurial skills to create better solutions. Then use the Lifetime Cash Fitness framework to compare them and see how they play out to make your retirement work. This is about finding a way to retire comfortably.
  5. Clear, Confident Choices. Turn survival and gloom into a clear plan to retire. Know what to do next, take confident action, and make powerful choices to put yourself in a position to achieve your retirement goals.

Now I’ve distilled them down into a free report called, “Retire With Power™ – Create a Better Strategy to Retire Comfortably.”

I highly recommend that you take intentional steps to create an amazing retirement and start living it now.

To get started, get my free report and begin taking those your own powerful steps to ensure you have the resources so you can live the retirement you’ve always imagined.

By Author and Pixabay with Permission

Bonus Tip

When ls the very best time to get started?

The answer, it may not surprise you to learn, is right now.

So get into action and start creating an amazing retirement for yourself.

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About the author 

Eric Asbeck

Hi, I’m Eric. Since I was young, I’ve been interested in having a business of my own but followed the more traditional corporate route. As a successful “intrapreneurial” executive at Bell Labs, AT&T, NCR, and Cisco Systems, I led teams to create new businesses, services, and products that won over $120M in new business. Later I left the corporate world and founded 2 new businesses of my own before realizing I could retire. I developed a very solid planning structure and a process that put my retirement finances in order (off-the-shelf methods didn’t cut it). I saw I had the means to retire with a modest but adequate lifestyle, so I did! I kept meeting other entrepreneurs who wanted to retire but were confused, afraid, maybe even panicking. I began working with them and improved my system. It’s been so rewarding to see them getting their own great results, turning survival and gloom into a clear plan to retire.

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