May 28, 2021

Are you living your life and retirement in celebration of the abundance we have in this modern day?

In the US this is Memorial Day weekend. It’s a holiday for honoring those in the US Armed Forces who died in the performance of their military duties. It began as Decoration Day following the US Civil War and officially became Memorial Day in 1971. Unofficially, its the start of summer.

My Small Town Childhood Celebration

When I was a kid in small town West Virginia, we celebrated with a parade, barbecue, and potluck dinner. In the morning, the parade participants would gather uphill at our small local firehouse. The parade was led by our single local fire engine, followed by an assembly including a marching band (everyone who could play instrument), veterans and scouts, cars decorated as floats, and anyone else who chose to march.

The parade wound its way down our hilly West Virginia streets lined by the other neighborhood residents. It ended downhill at a turnaround area with hot dogs, hamburgers, and conversation. Later that day, everyone gathered at the neighborhood pool where we had pool games followed by a potluck dinner. Imagine long tables overflowing with everyone’s favorite traditional dishes. It was a day filled with simple, homespun, wholesome community and fun.

Honoring Our Abundance

In honor of the US memorial Day weekend, starting today, I suggest intentionally choosing to live your life in celebration and honor of the amazing opportunities we have available compared to our ancestors. And if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for those that love you and for those who sacrificed so we have the possibility to pursue happiness.

The global covid pandemic has certainly been a challenge, but what strides we’ve made! 100 years ago, we humans were so far less capable of dealing with the 1918 influenza pandemic that left death and sorrow in its path. And that paled with the devastation of the Black plague almost 800 years ago.

Today our understanding of medical science and global logistics have allowed us to respond quickly, effectively, and decisively. We have an amazing array of creature comforts that we take for granted like air conditioning, interior plumbing, electrical and gas service, telephone, radio, television, and internet communications and so much more.

Certainly compared to our pre-pandemic lifestyle, we’ve all had to make major compromises. Many know people who were and perhaps continue to be severely affected or are sadly just gone forever. Those things can’t help but significantly affect our state of mind and well-being.

But think how it would have been 100 or 800 years ago. How much more helpless and devastated would we have been?

Now with widely available vaccines, we’re starting to put this pandemic behind us. We have an opportunity to safely and sensibly get out there and enjoy life again.

Celebrate By Living A Great Retirement

In celebration, I heartily urge you to take intentional steps to create an amazing retirement and start living it now.

To get started, would you like to know 4 powerful steps to create a great retirement? Get the Retirement Game Plan.

Take the next step. Celebrate our modern-day abundance by going out and living a great life beginning right now.

Keep playing,


About the author 

Eric Asbeck

Hi, I’m Eric. Since I was young, I’ve been interested in having a business of my own but followed the more traditional corporate route. As a successful “intrapreneurial” executive at Bell Labs, AT&T, NCR, and Cisco Systems, I led teams to create new businesses, services, and products that won over $120M in new business. Later I left the corporate world and founded 2 new businesses of my own before realizing I could retire. I developed a very solid planning structure and a process that put my retirement finances in order (off-the-shelf methods didn’t cut it). I saw I had the means to retire with a modest but adequate lifestyle, so I did! I kept meeting other entrepreneurs who wanted to retire but were confused, afraid, maybe even panicking. I began working with them and improved my system. It’s been so rewarding to see them getting their own great results, turning survival and gloom into a clear plan to retire.

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