#1 Precious Asset For An Amazing Retirement

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Having a plan for your time is a great way to live a great retirement without becoming bored and missing out.

And having a great retirement is why you’re here, right?

Great! So here are 3 tips to have a retirement that defies the predictable.

The #1 Precious Asset For An Amazing Retirement

In this column you’re going to discover three tips for how to live a retirement that defies the predictable.

Before this column is complete, I’m also going to show you how to answer the very first concern people typically have about retirement, but first lets look at creating a retirement that defies the predictable.

Living It! Tip #1: Your most precious asset is Time

My intention in this column is not to help you “plan your retirement.” It’s to help you plan your resources after your retirement. And your most precious resource is your time.

What are you going to be doing with your day after you retire? 

Maybe you used to get up at 5:30 AM and go to work. In retirement when you get up in the morning, what will you do? Golf? Travel? TV?

Warning: Some folks find that gets old after a couple months. 

What will you do with your time? Do you want to leverage everything you’ve worked so hard for? Do you still want to have an impact?

The Tip: 

Develop a plan for how you’re going to live your retirement life. Fill it with all the fun and satisfaction you can make fit. It’s just a plan, a starting point, so you can always change it. 

Having a plan will give your retirement clear purpose, increased focus, and greater joy.

Living It! Tip #2: Know what’s most important

As you being exploring your own retirement, know where you want to go. Otherwise, any path will do.


Have incredible clarity about what matters most to you.

Transitions can be incredibly difficult. Find what really motivates you (e.g., from your past work, hobbies, etc.) and explore that.

When you face this upcoming transition to retirement, begin training your mind to be more present. Keep your eyes open and get more connected to what’s true and authentic and beautiful.

As I tell the people I work with more closely: Find a way, focus on what’s most important, and make it happen! To that end, let’s take a closer look at Living It! Tip #3.

Living It! Tip #3: Structure sets you free

When we’re in the working world, structure comes as part of the package. Even if you had your own business, to be successful you had to put structures in place for success.

In retirement, your time is your own. As great as that is, having some simple structure will help you make the most of your time. 

Intentionally make room for fun and satisfaction. Do it by fundamentally organizing your life around what’s most important.

Put the structures in place to do so. Be completely organized to pursue your intention.

Some examples of simple structure include having:

  • a written, prioritized list of what’s most important and what you want to make happen
  • an annual calendar so you can see the big picture
  • an online calendar where you first make room for the things on your prioritized list and then keep track of important things

As a side benefit, being organized will help you deal comprehensively with any difficult challenges that arise.

Here’s what to do: 

Set forth to work toward what matters most. Set goals and work towards them. Put simple structures in place to support your intention.

The First Concern People Typically Have About Retirement

Remember when I said that before this column is complete, I’m also going to show you how to answer the very first concern people typically have about retirement?

Well, here’s that concern: “But wait! First, I need enough money to retire comfortably!”

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Do you have enough money for the lifestyle you want?

You Will Discover:

  1. 2 mindset hacks that create the money freedom to do what you want, when you want
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After you’ve resolved that issue, the next step is to begin intentionally creating an amazing retirement.

Start Here

My top suggestion is to focus first on getting extraordinarily clear about what you want your retirement to look like.

It’s never too late. You have the opportunity to co-create your life. It requires an insight into what matters most and a fundamental organization to explore and make it happen.

Take action on the tips from this column and you’ll greatly increase your chance of success with living a great retirement.

Action Questions: 

  1. Which tip stood out to you?
  2. What’s your plan to get started with that tip before your head hits the pillow tonight?
  3. Are you still feeling confusion and fear about retirement? Click here to claim your copy of the Free Report.

Thanks for reading!


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